1. Schedule

Our therapists do not take for granted how difficult it is for most people to actually make the decision to seek psychological health treatment. We understand that the act of reaching out for contact is often a significant and sometimes long-awaited first step toward living a better life. As each of our therapists has different areas of focus and specialized approaches to therapy we offer a consultation interview so that we might pair you with a therapist who will best match your needs.

2. First Appointment

During your first psychotherapy appointment your therapist will strive to understand your concerns and goals. As a part of this process you may be asked to explore relevant domains that may be impacting your concerns or well-being such as your family history, work environment, friendships, and dating or marital history. We believe a thorough intake interview is important to ensuring you are getting the most appropriate and state-of-the-art treatment needed to achieve improvement quickly and effectively.

3. Share Impression

At the end of your first appointment, the therapist will share their tentative impression as to what may be contributing to distress or getting in the way of a fuller life. Your therapist will share with you what types of therapy tools or interventions may be helpful and what to expect from therapy. When therapy progress is not being made our therapists pro-actively explore stumbling blocks and whether alternate approaches to therapy may be warranted. We view therapy as an ongoing collaboration and while our counselors are experts in therapy interventions, your experiences, perspective and ideas are always paramount. Our therapists share the belief that each individual is unique and there is no such thing to a one-size-fits all treatment.

4. Referral

Finally, if your therapist believes medication might be appropriate, they will provide you with a referral to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation. A psychiatrist is the only professional who can decide if medication will be right for you, and if so, what specific kind of medication may be most helpful.

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