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Dr Monique Moore

“I genuinely enjoy being able to help individuals achieve real and observable changes in their lives.”

Monique Moore, PhD

Founder, DC Psychological Wellness Group

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Laurie A. Owen psychotherapist

“I feel I bring an inclusive perspective to our shared and unique experiences of living.”

Laurie Owen, LISCW
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Robin Pierre psychologist image

“I believe in structuring my approach to an individual’s unique needs, which will evolve over the course of treatment”

Robin Pierre, PsyD, ABPP, Rehabilitation Psychology
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Will Bickart

“I guide clients toward skills that will help them improve their emotional and behavioral health.”

Will Bickart, PhD
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Emma Arons, Psy.D
“I am an active, supportive therapist who will tailor the treatment to meet the needs of each person.”

Emma Arons, Psy.D.
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Lediya Dumessa

“I am passionate about making mental health resources accessible to a wide range of communities, and strive to provide culturally sensitive treatments.”

Lediya Dumessa, Ph.D.
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Mirelise Cartagena, PsyD

“I’m truly passionate about assisting and accompanying others in their journey towards healing”

Mirelise Cartagena, PsyD
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“I want to enrich people’s lives with the tools to be the best person they can be and empower them with the skills to reach their peak performance.”

Angela Charlton, PhD, LPC
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