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Psychological Wellness Group Is Here to Help You Manage Depression – From Prevention to Intervention

Depression is characterized by a sadness, low energy, and a low or irritable mood. Depressive disorders are common but are often underdiagnosed and undertreated because many with depression do not recognize they are depressed. When left un-treated, depression can negatively impact work performance and relationships. Currently around 8% of the population is estimated to suffer from depression.

When to Seek Treatment

It is important to not let symptoms of depression go untreated. While depression is often recurrent, research indicates that treating early symptoms of depression as well as first episodes of depression can help prevent future depressive episodes. If you recognize any of the below symptoms, we encourage you to reach out for help.

  • Cognitive: concentration difficulties, self-critical, low self-esteem, hopelessness
  • Behavioral: avoiding, isolating, changes in appetite, decreased productivity, low motivation, decreased interest in activities, increase in alcohol or substance use
  • Mood: sadness, inappropriate guilt, irritability, low motivation,
  • Body: sleep changes, appetite changes, slowed movements, fatigue

Treatment for Depression

Whether feelings of depression are in their early stages or have reached a full-blown disorder, our clinicians offer capable and effective treatment. Research has shown depression is highly responsive to treatment. We draw upon evidence-based practices to ensure efficient and effective relief from depressive symptoms. A few of the interventions we use to treat depression include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Problem Solving Therapy
  • Attachment re-processing
  • Insight oriented therapy
Depression Treatment Resources

Below are a few web applications and apps our team endorses for helping to manage experiences of stress and anxiety:

MooreMomentum: Allows users to sign up for free weekly life coaching exercises to improve core health areas to include: career and finances, physical health, mindset, relationships and emotional health.

What’s UP: A mental health app that utilizes clinically proven CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment therapy) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Anger, and Stress.

This Way Up: Offers three self-help courses for people seeking assistance with anxiety or depression. Users begin by taking a ten-item symptom test, and then proceed onward to select a course if it is deemed to be useful. Each of the courses consists of three lessons which can be taken weekly.

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